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Outsource your medical coding and billing services and realize higher revenues.

In a scenario where physician practices, hospitals and other healthcare institutions face pressure to continuously improve the quality of health care, experience the risks of health care management and ultimately decreasing reimbursement, it makes ample sense to outsource. It is time that one of the most revered professions outsources the system of revenue management and realizes lost revenue.

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Insurance Claim Process Abu Dhabi

What services can be outsourced?

For a short and cost-effective Healthcare Revenue Cycle UAE, talk to our experts today. FTC provides the following services to enhance the financial health of your profession:

  1. Patient scheduling management
  2. Eligibility verification
  3. Healthcare revenue cycle management
  4. Medical coding and billing
  5. Payer contract management
  6. Payer contract negotiation
  7. Medical claims processing
  8. Denial management

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Why is it advisable to outsource the above services?


Revenue cycle management in the health care sector is a complex and time consuming process. Minor human errors prove to be costly.

Denial of claims is an unpleasant reality in this industry. You may have to write off small balances as losses or seek the help of a collection agency for debt recovery. In the long run, the resulting stress creates an unhealthy environment for you and your value based profession.

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Medical Billing Experts UAE


What are the complexities of a healthcare revenue management system?


Every part of a patient visit to a medical facility is recorded by the staff in the healthcare provider's office. Medical coders translate every bit of relevant information related to the patient visit into numeric and alphanumeric codes. It is these codes which are then used in the billing process.

Healthcare revenue cycle management comprises administrative and clinical functions associated with billing. There are numerous and varied data points which need to be coded into a format so that it can be easily comprehended by insurance companies.

The codes in turn are laid out by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The price value of every procedure or diagnostic is decided beforehand to help cover the cost with a margin of profit for the doctors.

Billing companies deal with patient payments by answering patient billing queries and following up with your patients.

The process requires tracking different types of patient care from appointment scheduling to registration and collection of the balance.

Free yourself of routine administrative work and outsource your worries while enjoying the benefits of quick and increased cash flows. Visit our website for detailed information regarding the hassle-free Insurance Claim Process Abu Dhabi.


What are the most common causes of errors and denials of insurance claims?


The Medical Billing Experts UAE at FTC, Abu Dhabi observes that the most common reasons for denials are related to:

Registration errors-many claim denials arise owing to errors in collecting and recording patient information. Accurate patient data such as health history and diagnoses is absolutely essential. Many claims are denied because of incorrectly spelled names, wrong insurance numbers and incorrect information about earlier diagnoses. A professional claims management organization ensures that registration-related errors are minimized, starting with front desk staff collecting accurate patient information during the scheduling of the appointment, at check-in, as well as at check-out.

Coding errors- (The International Classification of Diseases) ICD-10 and the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) have laid down the coding guidelines. A minor negligence or mismatch causes rejection of payment from the insurance companies. To understand better, please refer the link below:

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