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Fast Track Claims are passionate about improving the financial health of the healthcare organizations. And is known to be the top-notch insurance claim management in UAE and healthcare revenue cycle management, Abu Dhabi.

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About Us

Transforming the revenue cycles of healthcare organizations, Fast Track Claims is a healthcare consulting company that utilizes its proven methodologies, industry-acclaimed technologies and unmatched expertise to help its clients achieve a more sustainable financial position. Fast Track Claims offers revenue cycle management, medical claims processing, denial management, medical coding and billing, payer contract management services to the healthcare industry.

Our Objective

Fast Track Claims seeks to provide exceptional healthcare solutions to maximize the profits of the clients. We endeavor to keep up the highest level of consumer loyalty and satisfaction through utilizing knowledgeable information on industry's best practices and amplification of customer reimbursements. We operate with integrity, transparency and utilizes innovatively propelled tools and skills of the talented manpower official of our company, for accomplishing proficiency and adequacy of physician practices, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations.

Fast Track Claims offers the following services to the healthcare industry:

  • Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management
  • Medical Claims Processing
  • Denial Management
  • Medical Coding and Billing Services
  • Payer Contract Management
  • Payer Contract Negotiation

Our Mission

We develop and deliver data-driven, results-oriented deeply integrated products and services to the healthcare industry that create exceptional financial results.

Our Vision

We aim to be recognized as a dependable forward thinking company that has the ability and commitment to meet the needs of today's dynamic healthcare industry.

Our Promise

We put our knowledge and experience of helping healthcare organizations to achieve exceptional results for promoting:

  • Optimized financial performance
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Greater patient satisfaction
  • Decreased risk of non-compliance

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Fast Track Claims Management Consultancy
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

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