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With the Fast Track Claim's medical billing and coding services, you can now stop worrying about the reimbursements and collections, as we promise you for the minimal denials and improved cash flows.
We are one of the leading medical billing experts UAE & offers finest medical billing and coding services Abu Dhabi.

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Medical Billing and Coding

The increasingly complex healthcare landscape has made it immensely difficult for someone to manage ‘a practice’ solely on their own. The recent transition to ICD-10 has increased the accessibility for the patients to insurance and a high employee turnover ratio, all these have made compliance to a continuous struggle for medical practices. As a result, physicians and healthcare managers often find themselves forego profitability for compliance and patient satisfaction.

At Fast Track Claims, we provide you a complete medical billing and coding solutions that set's up your practice for success. Focused on simplifying the billing process, our medical billing and coding services ensure prompt eligibility verification and claim submission for improved collection and reduced denials.

Power Your Practice with Our Medical Billing and Coding Services

Fast Track Claims provides an end-to-end solution for all the billing and coding efficiencies right from the assignment of standardized codes for specific services to claim submission, re-submission, and denial management. Our advanced coding and billing solutions are known to improve the profitability of the ‘physician practice’ by improving accuracy, eliminating backlogs, and reducing downtimes.

Here is how we make your coding and billing process faster, better and headache-free:

  • Accurate and Efficient Coding - Inaccurate coding not only increases the claim denials but also impacts the patient satisfaction. Our highly trained and experienced coders use their expertise and knowledge of international coding standards to translate the services provided to a billable item accurately at the first attempt itself.
  • Standardized Pre-Protocol Approvals - Using our standardized tools and techniques, we help you determine the eligibility of a patient for the billed services. This reduces the probability of claim denials and ensures an early reimbursement.
  • Timely and Accurate Billing - We take care of the tedious process of submitting and follow-up’s on claims so that you can focus on your core job. Our medical billing and coding experts can improve the efficiency of your billing cycle by identifying potential errors that may lead to denial and ensuring timely submission of all the claims.
  • Expert Denial Management - Using our technologically advanced solutions, we gather and analyze data to identify trends and patterns. This helps us to identify and resolve the precise causes behind the claim denials, for the successful claim submission and improved recovery in the future.

Improve Your Collections and Profitability with Fast Track Claims

At Fast Track Claim, we understand that every practice is unique and face unique medical billing and coding challenges. But we take these as our driving force to provide you the best value possible. Our medical billing and coding experts develop a tailored plan for you to ensure that you are only paying for the services you actually need. Regardless of the scope of services you offer to a practice. Our objectives remain the same, which is to increase the revenue by reducing denials and quickly recouping the outstanding claims.

To learn more about our medical billing and coding services, you may call on +971 52 3747557.

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