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Outsource your medical claim processing with Fast Track Claims to free up your time and resources to focus on your core competency while we handle your money related matters.

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Medical Claims Processing

Medical claims processing is one of the most complicated and time-consuming aspects of running a healthcare organization. With thousands of possible codes for different diagnostic procedures, multiple payers, accurate and efficient claim processing is a real challenge for the healthcare providers. At Fast Track Claims, we provide a complete healthcare claim processing solutions, which take care of your finances while you focus on your core job - providing consistent, high-quality care to your patients.

Control Claim-Processing Costs with Fast Track Claims

The flourishing Middle East healthcare industry generates millions of claim transactions annually, resulting in payments worth billions of dollars. And, a large number of these healthcare claims are processed through the inefficient network of costly channels that are characterized by several intermediaries, heaps of paperwork, and staggering claim-processing costs.

Fast Track Claims helps to ease your back-office burden with its medical claims processing Abu Dhabi services that have been designed to improve your practice's profitability and compliance. Our team can handle over 100000 claims every month, allowing our clients to reduce their claim rejection rates, improve the efficiency of their billing process, minimize the costs associated with the medical claims processing.

Our healthcare claims processing service promise you:

  • Improved efficiency and reduced administrative costs
  • Elimination of write-offs and rejections
  • Better in-process claim visibility
  • More efficient collections
  • Improved provider-payer relationship

Partner with Fast Track Claims for progress

At Fast Track Claims, we understand that efficient health care insurance claims processing is central to the profitability and success of your practice. Therefore, we focus on making your billing process more efficient and productive with our technologically advanced proprietary tools that streamline processes and enable information to move seamlessly across your network of payers for more efficient and accurate claim processing in healthcare UAE.

When you outsource your medical claims processing services to Fast Track Claims, you experience the following advantages:

  • Reduces Claim-Processing Costs - While Our Services Help All Healthcare Organizations Reduce Costs Associated With Claims Processing By Eliminating Inefficiencies, Clinics With A Small Number Of Annual Claims Particularly Benefit From Our Services.
  • A Customized Solution for Your Practice - We Understand That Your Practice Has Unique Billing Needs; Therefore, We Offer Various Levels Of Our Service To Allow You To Choose The One That Best Suits Your Budget And Your Needs.
  • Real-Time Billing Analytics - Our Experts Identify Denial Trends, New Edits, And Emerging Reimbursement Issues To Help You Respond To The Changes More Efficiently And Effectively.

To learn more about - how our medical claim processing services can enable your practice for accelerating growth, contact us at +971 52 3747557.

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