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Denial Management: The Revamped Process

Typically, hospital staffs find it difficult to manage the medical billing process, where they have to get updated by the recent regulations, PQRS or Physician Quality Reporting System, ICD-10 which is the upgraded version of ICD-9, patient-centered medical home and many more. Even after doing these, what if your claim gets rejected? About 10% of the claims get rejected thus bringing loss to the organizations. You need to identify why the claim is denied, rectify it, follow up and a lot of steps to undertake. So the question is will you walk behind the denial management or provide the best service for the clients? Surely it’s going to be troublesome for bringing balance for both the works. Because of which the healthcare providers contact the best Revenue Cycle Management Companies like Fast Track Claims to accomplish contacting and receiving the required services from the insurance providers.

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What is Revenue cycle management?

Medical billing process or revenue cycle management is the process in which the health care provider along with the insurance company carry out the payment of the medical service offered to the client, this involves payment, billing and managing claims.

Denial management

At times the insurance provider rejects a claim due to various reasons such as having a no covered charge, a referral or pre-authorization because of the usage of an out-of-network provider, minor transcription errors, the acceptance of claim in the wrong insurance company or other information errors. Because of this, the healthcare providers might have to face loss and it is very difficult to recognize why the claim is denied. Since the hospital management is not well aware of such terms, issues like this require an immediate attention of the providers who are well trained in such subjects. Here is where providers like Fast Track Claims comes into action, as they are known to be the finest Revenue cycle management company in Abu Dhabi.

What are the steps of denial management?

For an effective denial management process, the organization should follow a series of steps. They are as follows:

Identify, manage and monitor:

Streamlining the process of recognizing why your claim has been denied is the initial and important stage. This helps to maximize the revenue and minimize the future denials. Physicians’ forward lakhs of claims to insurance companies every day, and many get adjudicated promptly and others get denied. And such denials leave the healthcare providers unpaid. Revenue cycle management companies in Abu Dhabi, identifies the claims, manage it, monitor’s and finally prevent the further claim denials. They classify the denials by reason, source, cause and other distinctive factors. Firstly, they route denials, sort it, and then create a systematic workflow and checklist which consist of avoiding automatic re-billing, no further delays and more.


There is a requirement of organizing the claims based on different classification methods, or else it is going to be a confusing task when the files starts to pile up. Not just that, there is a requirement of different strategies for different claims, so organizing it up will help in sorting the work easily. For the suitable denial management, meet with the best Revenue Cycle Management Companies.

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Tracking the progress of the claim is very essential, to understand which areas are working and which needs further assistance. This process does not end in here, but tracking on why the claim is denied is one specific category or finding reason of getting rejected and so on, for preventing further denials.

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Outsourcing Denial processes

Outsourcing a specialist healthcare business process has a practical experience in revenue cycle administrations and incorporating skills for claiming denial managements. The best Revenue Cycle Management Companies who are expert in denial management administrators utilize specialized teams who are exceptionally trained and prepared in working with, arranging and exploring the complexities of the insurance system. By outsourcing the denial administration services, there are more opportunity to center around different regions of the hospital that requires consideration.

Healthcare Denial management

Numerous doctors and offices neglect to manage denied claims and resubmit them, as they lack the time and expert knowledge on topics related to the healthcare denial management reimbursement domain. Because of which, Revenue Cycle Management Companies who have proficient knowledge and the means for timely execution is very important. Fast Track Claims has the highly dedicated team of employees who will accomplish denials promptly and efficiently. They analyze the denial trends and furthermore start 'worldwide action’ for impacting claims and to prevent the repetition of the same denials.

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