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Eliminate errors and realize costs in your revenue cycle

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What are the main challenges in the health care revenue cycle?

  • Healthcare providers face increased performance standards and limited resources.
  • Hospitals are stressed with payment claims audits and payment denials.
  • As a result, it is vital that they do not leave any revenue uncollected. If patients become increasingly responsible for out-of-pocket expenses, they may be burdened with huge debts that they cannot afford.
  • Determining your patient's eligibility regarding health insurance status and financial assistance eligibility when he or she first walks in the door is a vital but daunting task.

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What are some of the measures that can be taken to realize maximum revenue?

Aim at obtaining the most precise information up front on the front-end of your revenue cycle management beginning with patient scheduling and registration. The medical claims life cycle begins when your patient first contacts your physician office or healthcare facility to make an appointment. During this stage, all patient data such as insurance information, provider eligibility and diagnosis codes needs to be collected and recorded. A claim cannot be forwarded to the next phase if your patient is not accepted into the system because of information mismatch.

Fast Track Claims, Abu Dhabi recommends that you collect the maximum amount of revenue at the point of service. A recent survey revealed that an overwhelming 85 percent of organizations feel that collecting payment from patients after they have left the campus is a cumbersome task. According to a report, in 2015, 23 hospitals in New Jersey paid penalty of $500,000 penalty for medical errors.

Inadequate attention to the billing process is another area that needs utmost attention to detail. Effective communication with your patient needs to start early – at or before the point of service if you want to ensure minimal loss of revenue. For timely and precise Medical Claims Processing Abu Dhabi, please call us at FTC now.

How is accurate billing achieved?

Intelligent use of billing infrastructure and information technology is a must to keep track of claims through their lifecycle. This is key in managing successful claims and large outpatient networks. This is enables provider-payer interactions which are integral for a healthy collaboration.

You need to invest in training personnel to use automated systems effectively for accurate billing and capture of patient data. A patient's demographic information should be appropriately collected at the front-end. It then needs to be correctly translated to successful insurance claims.For a healthy Healthcare Revenue Cycle UAE, please call us at FTC now. We will be happy to address your concerns and answer your queries.

The claims process should be monitored closely at every point of its lifecycle. This is essential to figure out when an error is made. If you could set up automated alerts as to why a payer is frequently denying claims for a given procedure or code, you may be able to save a lot of valuable resources needed for research and remedial measures. To realize your goal of a clean and productive Healthcare Revenue Cycle UAE, please call us now.

Supply chain management in the revenue cycle is complex involving diverse dimensions such as medical supplies, data management, healthcare and payments. The stakeholders include physicians, hospitals, insurance companies, regulatory agencies and other healthcare professionals. So a high degree of understanding of common goals is absolutely necessary. Conflict of interests can lead to inefficiencies and fraud. For flawless Medical Claims Processing Abu Dhabi, please call us now.


Healthcare Revenue Cycle UAE

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