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The Medical Coding and Billing Services

The Medical Coding and Billing Services are two firmly related topics in the contemporary healthcare industry. Both are parts of revenue cycle, reimbursement cycle that ensures that the healthcare providers are paid for the administrations they perform. Fast Track Claims is known as the finest Medical Billing and Coding UAE, as we have successfully solved many claims easily and effectively. The medical billing process is an essential region to guarantee support, long-haul activities. The medicinal service suppliers who offers basic care administrations needs to be admitted and concentrated for their duty, as they are the stepping process for claim approvals. From streamlining the perplexing accumulation procedures to acquire consistency, decreases in repayments and fulfilling HIPAA necessities is all taken care off. There are various errands that constitute the medical billing procedures and prompts the effective close on the revenue generation cycle. Outsourcing to FTC, the medical billing services Abu Dhabi, will empower your social insurance business to quicken the pace of income generation, decrease operational costs and increment the productivity conveyed by the framework. Let’s divide each and try to understand them separately before looking at the big picture.

medical billing service

What is medical coding?

Medical coding is just like translation; the doctor’s prescription or diagnosis is converted into numeric or alphanumeric code in extreme accuracy. For every injury, disease, diagnosis and medical procedure, there is a corresponding code. And there are lakhs of such codes for the whole process, starting from taking a doctor’s appointment till the patient leaves for home after the whole checkup. All aspects of the visit are recorded by the doctor or anyone in the medicinal service provider's office. It's the medical coder’s work to interpret all the significant data in the patient's visit into numeric and alphanumeric codes, which would then utilized as the part of the billing procedure. For the perfect strategic step by step functioning of medical coding, check with medical billing and coding UAE. There are various sets and subsets of code that a medical coder must be knowledgeable about, such as the International Classification of Diseases or ICD codes, corresponds to a patient’s sickness or injury and the Current Procedural Terminology or CPT codes that recognizes what function or service the doctor or physician has provided to the patient. These are like the universal language between the doctor, the hospital, and the insurance provider, further enlarging the relation between the government agencies and other health-specific organizations. Medical billing and coding UAE, have a team of coding experts who are qualified from the world’s most respected agencies.


Now that the medical coding is completed, medical billers utilize those information’s and make a bill for the insurance company and this is called the claim. For the proper performance of medical billing, you need to work only with the superlative medical billing services Abu Dhabi titled organizations. The medical biller takes the codes, which indicate what sort of visit this is, the symptoms the patient shows, what is the specialist's diagnosis, what the specialist recommends, and makes a claim out of these utilizing a form or a specific type of software. The biller at that point sends the claim to the insurance agency, which assesses and returns it. The biller then assesses this returned claim and figures the amount of the bill the patient owes, after the insurance is taken out. Fast Track Claim’s excellent medical billing services Abu Dhabi additionally guarantee that consistency is thoroughly coordinated with the tasks.

Our verification process:

After accessing superbills and exhaustive patient information through secured networks, medical documents are verified and validated by communicating with the clients. The medicinal service records are then sent to the remedial coding department to relegate CPT and ICD codes. We get to the superbills and itemize tolerant data from the doctor's office through a protected system. The restorative archives are checked and their approval is conveyed to the customer. The medicinal services records are then sent to the medical coding department to relegate CPT and ICD codes. The coded records are subjected to proofreading and cross-checked by the medicinal coding chief. The coded reports are then sent to the charge entry group. We additionally validate the code entered by the customers.

medical coding service

By outsourcing your medical billing services Abu Dhabi, to healthcare administrative partners like Fast Track Claims, you can achieve:

In short, the coder is the translator who translates medical procedures into the code and the medical biller is the one who translates codes into the financial report. Don’t just hire any Medical Billing and Coding UAE but hire the best from the rest.

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