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Outsource your healthcare revenue cycle with FTC Healthcare Auditing UAE


Why is internal revenue management at health care facilities ,not a good option today?

According to estimates, hospitals are losing three to five percent of their net revenue from inconsistencies in revenue cycle management. Leading hospitals are opting for outsourcing the Healthcare Revenue Cycle UAE. The driving factors for this transformation include:

Healthcare Auditing UAE
  1. The pressing need to maintain a healthy bottom-line owing to the proliferation of credit payments as well as certain charity activities of the hospital. Hospital resources are limited.

  2. Increasing time cycles to realize payments from insurance companies for services already rendered to patients.

  3. Long revenue cycles increasing the incidence of bad debts.

  4. Growing complexity of payer models.

For outsourcing your hospital revenue cycle Abu Dhabi, visit our website or give us a call today.


How can FTC help you realize your Accounts Receivables faster?

When you outsource your revenue management to FTC, we undertake the responsibility for collecting the bad debts. We make sure that the patient who has arrived with insurance has all background checks done. We focus on minimizing errors and preventing costly mistakes. For comprehensive healthcare auditing UAE, give us a call now. We look forward to hearing from you.

What benefits would outsourcing provide me with?

  • You free up resources to focus on your core competencies.
  • You save on your operating costs.
  • 24x7 services support for quick turnaround time.
  • Dedicated team for each client.
  • Compliant processes for high performance.
  • Risk-free outsourcing comprising data security policies.

What services can I outsource?

You can outsource the entire range of activities including verification of patient coverage, hospital admission, treatment, discharge, post-discharge, claims, and accounts settling. This includes:

Hospital Revenue Cycle Abu Dhabi
  1. Patient Registration and pre-authorization.
  2. Identification and entering of Patient Information required for Billing.
  3. Medical Coding.
  4. Medical Billing.
  5. Eligibility and Benefits Verification.
  6. Claims Authentication Check.
  7. Claims Generation.
  8. Claims Submission.
  9. Accounts Receivables Collections.
  10. Charge Entry and Payment Posting.
  11. Charge Capture and Coding.
  12. Insurance Follow-Up.
  13. Denial Management.
  14. Patient Follow-up.
  15. Reporting
  16. Credit Balances.
  17. Provider Enrollment and Credentialing.

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What is the FTC advantage?


For a healthy Hospital Revenue Cycle Abu Dhabi, please call us today. We look forward to be a partner in your professional care.

A recent 'Black Book' the survey suggests that top health care providers over the world plan to outsource their revenue cycle management by 2019. Approximately 18 percent of the over 700 hospital leaders surveyed reported complete outsourcing of their revenue cycle management functions. Please see the reference link below for details:

For an interesting read on the most common overlooked details related to Revenue Cycle Management, please click on the link below:

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