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Don't let your contractors hold your revenue down. Opt for the Fast Track Claims healthcare contract management services to negotiate the best prices and terms.

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Contracting and Pricing

As payers develop new plans and products to serve the emerging healthcare needs of the population, providers must prepare themselves to negotiate the best pricing and contract terms with the payers in order to ensure their profitability and long-term success. At Fast Track Claims, we provide you contracting and pricing services to help you make sense of the complex payer contracts and negotiate terms that protect your best interests and your bottom line.

Achieve Better Visibility and Cost Savings with Fast Track Claims.

When partnering with a payer, you want to make sure that you're being paid the right price for your services every time. While this may sound simple, following this rule of thumb may become impossible if you have a disparate system, disconnected operations, inaccurate and dated information. This is where a contract management consultant comes in.

Fast Track Claims helps you get complete visibility and control of your contracts with several payers by helping you understand their reimbursement terms and the key provisions in the written contract. Our healthcare contract management consultants ensure your practice is profitability by helping you ensure reimbursement accuracy, negotiate more favorable terms and recover underpayments.

  • Confirm Reimbursement Accuracy - We make sure that you are rightly compensated for your services with our reimbursement validation services that monitor your payers for compliance with the contract terms. We compare the reimbursed amounts to the expected amounts to uncover any compliance issues that might be damaging your revenue.
  • Recover Underpayments - In addition to noncompliance, various human and system errors may lead to underpayments, obstructing your cash flows and decreasing your return on investment. We help you identify and recover lost revenues by streamlining the payer-provider communication process, which consequently helps us in making successful appeals for our clients.
  • Negotiate Favorable Contract Terms - Utilizing our outcome-focused contract negotiation strategies and our healthcare contract management expertise, we help you assess the financial impact of your existing and new payer contracts and negotiate terms that facilitate the future growth and profitability of your practice.

Get the Most from Your Payer Contracts with Fast Track Claims

When selecting a payer we conduct an in-depth analysis of your practice's financial health, your patient mix, and terms suggested by the payer in order to select the one that offers you the right compensation for your services. Our contract management consultants have the expertise and experience of helping healthcare organizations achieve a sustainable position with their healthcare contract management skills.

To learn more about how we can help you get better visibility and control of your payer contracts, you may call us at +971 52 3747557.

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