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Professional contract management in healthcare

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What are the features of FTC's Contract Management Services?

  • Negotiation of favorable contracts that improve long-term revenue.
  • Agile contract management software that focuses on true collectible variances (such as underpayments and denials.
  • Performance contract portfolio review at the macro level using standardized metrics such as average days to pay, expected payment and patient responsibility.
  • Precise forecasting of revenue based on complex medical contract terms.
  • Dedicated Account Management

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What are the benefits of professional contract management?

  • Accurate patient bill estimates. This is achieved by a central contract database and automated claim submission.
  • Minimal denials.
  • Systematic evaluation of payer issues.
  • Tracking of underpayments to recover lost revenue and resolve recurring issues.
  • Analysis of variance in payment trends to streamline collections.
  • Robust system for Payer communication.
  • Quick and productive appeal process and increased collections.

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What are the value-added services provided by FTC, Dubai?

  • Payer Accountability by constant monitoring of Payer Performance.
  • Single point of contact for contracts covering all aspects from database management to technical support.
  • Application of contracting best practices, policies and procedures.
  • Database analysis, review, management and resource planning. For integrated Healthcare Auditing UAE, please call us at FTC today.
  • Uniform contract management by offering consultation for onboarding in other areas of the organization.
  • Project management expertise in implementing critical contract management initiatives.
  • Gap analysis assessments to identify opportunities for process improvement. Insights and analytics to ensure that payers are accountable and adhere to the terms of contract.
  • Well-documented workflow for efficient contract management.

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What are the advantages of automated contract management?


Automated contract management enables role-based security. This means that you can identify users, user roles, access and permissions required for effective contract management. This feature ensures security and compliance.

Efficient reporting allows you to constantly review the status of agreements and contracts. Automated contract management empowers you to create reports with criteria from any field in the system. The export and print function to Excel (CSV) and PDF format offers a powerful reporting capability. You can generate easy to comprehend visually appealing reports from clinical data to payment information. You gain an overview of the health of your revenue cycle. You can easily identify areas for improvement and employ appropriate corrective measures. You can determine the root cause of decreases in cash flows.

It becomes easy to track with data analytics which insurance companies and patients have denials and rejections. By ascertaining the reasons for these denials, you can focus on your cash flow cycles. This understanding can be applied to prevent future denials and rejections. In addition, you can improve your Accounts Receivables and realize increased revenues.

Automation is a key tool in achieving quality and 'revenue integrity' in a complex and dynamic environment involving government regulations and payment methodologies.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle UAE

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