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Are you looking for the healthcare revenue cycle management in UAE, hospital revenue cycle management Abu Dhabi, revenue cycle management services in healthcare or hospital revenue cycle? Here is the one-stop solution for all these and more: Fast Track Claims.

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Revenue Cycle Management

The healthcare landscape in the Middle East is in the phase of transformation and growth. Rapid population growth, an evolving regulatory environment, the partnership of the local healthcare organizations with global entities and government's focus on the expansion of the industries has created new challenges as well as new opportunities for the healthcare providers and organizations. Combining these factors creates the toughest healthcare environment for the providers, making revenue cycle management a time and resource - intensive process for them.

At Fast Track Claims, we provide an end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions and services to let healthcare providers focus on their patients, while we focus on their payments. Our revenue cycle management services have been tailored for the healthcare organizations to help - improve the quality of their services and their financial outcomes.

Achieve a Sustainable Financial Performance with Fast Track Claims Center

Fast Track Claims is known for its outcome-based approach towards the healthcare revenue cycle management. Our goal is to maximize the revenue generation potential of your practice while keeping the claim rejection rate to a minimal. In order to achieve this objective, our expert’s adopt an integrated approach towards RCM that focuses on improving patient experience, increasing revenue and decreasing costs.

  • Denial Management - We identify and rectify the root causes of claim denials and use our proprietary insight-driven, automated processes to reduce the volume of denying claims. We help you to adopt an automated workflow to improve your compliance with coding standards and reduce your rejection rate. This ultimately improves the efficiency of your revenue cycle and the profitability of your organization.
  • Payment Recovery - Using our cutting-edge point-of-service (POS) collection systems and our expertise A/R recovery services, we resolve your aged and ongoing receivables, improve your cash flows and reducing the time and resources spent by your in-house staffs on revenue collection.
  • Claims Processing - Our healthcare revenue management services have helped several hospitals and medical centers reduce their rejection rates by as much as X%. We achieve this by streamlining the claim processing mechanism, allowing timely and accurate submission of claims for an improved approval rate.
  • Revenue Optimization - At Fast Track Claims, we not only focus on improving the efficiency of your existing revenue cycle but also identifies the blocks and profit maximization opportunities to help you get a higher return on your investment. We do so by studying the entire patient journey, your current billing and claim management processes, and your existing system to identify problems and opportunities. After this thorough assessment, we use our expertise and experience to develop a tailored revenue optimization plan for your practice.

Experience the Fast Track Claims Advantages

At Fast Track Claims, we have the experience, skills, and technology it takes to transform the revenue cycle of any healthcare organizations. Using our skills, we can optimize your revenue cycle management and position your organization for long-term success.

To learn more about revenue cycle management services for healthcare organizations, you may call us at +971 52 3747557.

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